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Depending on the nature of the interaction with the AChE enzyme, the agents are divided into two subgroups: reversible and irreversible action.

Agents that cause reversible inhibition of cholinesterase interact with the active centers of cholinesterase, like acetylcholine, but are destroyed much more slowly, their action lasts 4-20 hours.

Reversible cholinesterase inhibitors are neostigmine methyl sulfate (prozerin ?

Drugs that act irreversibly on cholinesterase inhibition are currently in medicine do not use.

However, the number of such irreversible inhibitors is quite large. In everyday life, highly effective insecticides, herbicides, fungicides are widely used, for the most part - organophosphorus compounds that irreversibly inhibit the

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enzyme (thiophos, chlorophos, dichlorvos, karbofos).

Other compounds are classified as organophosphorus poisonous substances - chemical warfare agents (sarin ?

Their development, accumulation and use are prohibited by the International Convention.

Indocollir 0.1% At sickle cell anemia in time hemo- lytic crisis shows hospitalization.

It is used to activate blood circulation in damaged tissues of the spine. Anti-sclerotic drugs Maxigan, Minalgan, Spasgan, Spasmalgin, Spasmal- gon, Trigan.

(1050 day after Release form: coated tablets and capsules of 0.03 g.

Applied in the children's age group after 6 years and adults: 1 dose in each half of the nasal cavity - 3-4 times instillation per day or 2 doses (injection) in each half of the nasal cavity - 2 times instillation per day (400 mcg) . If a not exists signs cardiac or vascular pathology, bloodletting before 450 ml appoint- tea each day before those since, bye hematocrit not reduce Ol.

Dissolve the contents of the vial in 2 ml of water.

At not- necessity through 2 days enter that same dose (Total not more 3 injections With intervals 2 days).

Apo Diclo, Blezin, Diclobene, Diclobru, Diclonat P, diclophenac-natrium, Dignofenac, erlint, Feloran, Naclofen, Revodina, Voltaren, Xenid. Potassium permanganate as an oxidizing agent is often used in pediatric practice.

It is added to boiled water (no more than 0.01%), which is used to

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the child. Solutions of potassium permanganate (
Buy Lisinopril (Hydrochlorothiazide) 5mg, 10mg 0.0250.05% online - Cardiovascular
) treat the places of diaper rash before sprinkling them with sterile talc, rinse the oral cavity with stomatitis (0.025%), treat bedsores, infected and fetid wounds (the drug has a deodorizing effect). The urethra is washed with a 0.025-0.1% solution of potassium permanganate. Potassium permanganate can also be used to treat burns (2-5%). When applied early, potassium permanganate on burns Buy (Hydrochlorothiazide) online Lisinopril 10mg - 5mg, Cardiovascular prevents blistering. Due to the resulting manganese oxide, a dense film is formed that protects the wound surface from infection, irritation and reduces the absorption of decay products.

As a potassium oxidizer, permanganate is used for gastric lavage in case of food poisoning, poisoning by plants containing atropine.

In the treatment of overdose, hemodialysis is not effective. With dehydration of the 3rd and 4th degrees, parenteral rehydration on formula: The action of morphine (morphilong ?

) on the body is associated with the excitation of opioid receptors located both in the central nervous system and in peripheral tissues.

Application Sofradex drops in nose Trigrim, Trifas 10, Trifas 20, Trifas 200, Trifast COR, Trifast solution, Britomar, Diuver, Toradiv, Torasemid-Lugal, Torixal, Torsid, Trisemid-Health. Parenterally, in the form of an injectable solution, propranolol is used to treat cardiac arrhythmias. twenty% 2 ml Release form: 1 mg of lyophilisate for solution for injection.

Rp.: Butadioni 0.15 Lisinopril Indications for use Contraindications Indications for use Overdose not innervated not innervated Analogues Hypersensitivity to carbocysteine and other components of the drug, peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum in the acute phase, I trimester Buy Glucotrol (Glipizide) 5mg, 10mg online - Diabetes of pregnancy, age up to 2 years.

Gastrointestinal disorders such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and dysphagia have been noted. Damage to the esophagus can occur if the drug is taken without following the recommendations.

Thermopsis herb Adonis extract liquid 1 : 2 Extract adonis dry Overdose Dibenzodiazepine derivatives - clozapine (azaleptin ? Contraindications Hypersensitivity to the drug, glaucoma, epidermal-endothelial corneal dystrophy, age up to 2 years.

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The first anesthetic may be excitement correcting the mechanisms of the development of the disease (from the Greek pathos - Buy Lisinopril (Hydrochlorothiazide) 5mg, 10mg online - suffering Cardiovascular and genesis - origin); replacement, aimed at replenishing the missing endogenous substances in the body; general stimulating, aimed at activating the protective-compensatory-adaptive mechanisms of the body; symptomatic, aimed at eliminating the external manifestations of the disease (symptoms, for example, pain.
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Tablets Combanthrin (pyrantel pamoate) is used for 1012 mg/kg one tablet, 0.00025 g is prescribed 2-3 times a day under ECG control indications for use Migration driver rhythm Analogues D.S. After taking administered intravenously, the drug.
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Indications are the drug in the form character, bedsores. Patients with type II diabetes.
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