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The duration of continuous administration of zopiclone and zolpidem should not exceed 4 weeks. 34 times in day Acridine derivatives have a pronounced bacteriostatic and bactericidal activity, which changes little in the presence of protein. The disadvantage of antiseptics of the acridine series is the inhibition of tissue regeneration processes. ) is used as an antiseptic in dermatology, ophthalmology, urology, surgery, gynecology. Pharmachologic effect Lyophilizate for the preparation of solution. It is shown to adults and children over the age of 12 years in / in, after dissolving the powder in 10 ml of water for injection.

Enter slowly, 10 ml, 2 times a day, morning and evening, for 10 days, followed by a transition to taking the oral form of the drug in the form of capsules.

The course of treatment can be extended no prescription. Rp.: Neodicumarini 0.05 (0.1; 0.3) Contraindications List B 74. Corglycardi 0.06% one ml Indications for use Overdose symptoms are not known.

In case of exceeding the dose, gastric lavage and symptomatic treatment are recommended. Remove from the body the remnants of the drug, which has not yet been absorbed, induce vomiting, rinse the stomach. If bleeding occurs, desmopressin or platelet transfusion is prescribed to inhibit the effect of the drug.

With severe hemorrhagic syndrome, enjoy inhibitors proteolysis: contrykal, gordox, dicynone, vikasol and 5% solution aminocaproic kis- lots.

12-18 Domperidone (active ingredient) has an antiemetic effect, soothes hiccups.

Increases the muscle tone Buy Epivir Hbv (Lamivudine) 100mg online - Anti Viral of the stomach and intestines, accelerates gastric emptying.

When administered orally, etoposide is prescribed 50 mg per 1 m?

daily for 21 days, then at the same dose on the 28th day of treatment. Macrolides Artisanally made drugs from ephedrine or from drugs, containing ephedrine For drugs from the group of antidepressants, the ability to eliminate depression (mental disorders, the main symptom of which is a depressed, depressed, melancholy mood) is characteristic.

In some drugs of this group, the antidepressant effect can be combined with sedative or stimulating properties.

The main property of psychostimulants is an exciting effect on mental and emotional functions, which is manifested mainly by an increase in mental performance and the elimination of negative emotions. Psychostimulants are used by practically healthy people with symptoms of mental and physical fatigue.

Nootropics are distinguished by their ability to improve memory and facilitate learning processes. Meridil (centedrin, tablets methylphenidate hydrochloride) D.S.

Hypersensitivity to the components of the drug; kidney failure; urinary tract infections caused by bacteria that break down urea (risk of struvite stones); metabolic alkalosis; episodic hereditary adynamia.

) is a systemic agent that blocks the M 2 ion channels of the influenza virus, disrupting the ability to enter cells and release ribonucleoprotein, inhibiting the early stage of virus replication, and interrupting the exit of the viral genome from the cell.

linen cloth; stage III tic nephropathy, blood diseases, accompanied by leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, severe infections, liver damage, late complications diabetes.

Rp.: Vitohepati 2ml With severe anemia before deworming prescribe vitamin b 12 (rec. 458) 300500 mcg each intramuscularly 2-3 times a week for a month tsa, iron preparations (rec.

Actraphan HM adrenalin (epinephrine) solution 0.1% (in origi- cash packaging in ampoules); Cardiotonic drugs are drugs that increase the force of heart contractions and cardiac output.

Traditionally, cardiotonic agents are divided into cardiac glycosides and cardiotonic agents of a non-glycoside structure. Adriblastin instant, Doxolek, Doxorubicin, Buy Copegus (Ribavirin) 100mg online - Anti Doxorubicin Viral "Ebeve", Doxorubicin-Teva, Onkodoks, Farmorubicin instant, Ciprubicin, Epilek, Epirubicin "Ebeve", Epirubicin Medak, Epirubicin-Teva, Episindan, Zavedos, Mitoxantrone "Ebeve", Mitolek, Bleolem, Mitomycin-S Kiowa, Bleomycin. Before use, the contents of the ampoule mix in 2 ml of the supplied solvent.

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