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With prolonged use, the effect of drugs decreases due to the phenomenon of tolerance, therefore, after 3-5 days of use, a break should be taken for several days. There is a danger of a decrease in secretion, the development of dryness of the mucous membrane and the formation of cracks, into which pathogenic microflora easily penetrates. The disease may become chronic, or secondary infections may occur.

With topical application of solutions, vasoconstriction manifests itself within 10 minutes and lasts up to 2-6 hours. For rhinitis, 1-2 drops of the drug are injected into the nose of adults 2-3 times a day.

For nosebleeds, swabs moistened with a 0.05% solution are used.

With prolonged use, the effect of the drug decreases.

It should not be used simultaneously with MAO inhibitors or after the end of their use (10 days) due to a possible increase in blood pressure.

is a white emulsion, which has a longer vasoconstrictive effect (12 hours) and causes less dryness of the mucous membrane. 2 adrenomimetic agents also have an anticongestive effect: xylometazoline (galazolin ? Anticongestants (decongestants) are drugs that constrict blood vessels, reduce blood flow and fluid accumulation in the mucous membrane of the nasal - ED Buy online Super Strong cavity Pack Men's Packs and paranasal sinuses. The main remedy for stopping an attack of angina pectoris is nitroglycerin. It is taken under the tongue as a 1% alcohol solution (3 drops), as well as in the form of a sublingual tablet (0.5 mg).

The effect develops quickly, after 2-3 minutes and lasts about 30 minutes. If the pain does not stop from the initial dose, then the reception is repeated. When eliminating an attack, a daily dose can be used: 16 drops of an alcohol solution, 6 tablets or capsules of nitroglycerin (0.5 mg), which should be cracked and kept under the tongue. The oily solution, administered orally, is absorbed into

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  • blood and has a rapid antianginal effect. - a prolonged form of nitroglycerin, is a polymer film containing 1 or 2 mg of nitroglycerin.

    When kept in the mouth, the effect comes on quickly, lasts for 3 hours. Thermopsidis 0.6180 ml Acute bacterial and viral diarrhea in children and adults, irritable bowel syndrome, prevention of diarrhea.

    Prevention and treatment of colitis and diarrhea when taking antibiotics, as well as pseudomembranous colitis and recurrent diseases caused by Clostridium difficile.

    Composition: sodium chloride 9 g, sodium bicarbonate and potassium chloride 0.02 g each, glucose 1 g, water for injection up to 1 liter. ) has a selective antiprotozoal, antibacterial, antiulcer, anti-alcohol effect. The Buy Super Pack online - Men's ED Packs nitro group in the metronidazole molecule, being an electron acceptor, is integrated into the respiratory chain of protozoa and anaerobes, disrupts the respiratory processes, protein synthesis in the microbial cell and causes a cytotoxic effect. It is used for protozoal infections: trichomoniasis, giardiasis, balantidiasis, amoebiasis, for the eradication of Helicobacter pylori and other infections; externally with long-term non-healing wounds, trophic ulcers, abscesses of the lung, brain. The drug is well absorbed and distributed in many tissues and biological fluids, passes through the BBB, placental barrier, penetrates into breast milk.

    Sometimes it causes nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, loss of appetite, allergic reactions (urticaria, pruritus).

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    Dose of streptomycin is recommended to be reduced components of the drug; decompensated hyperthyroidism of any etiology; decompensated insufficiency occasionally, fatigue, headache, dizziness, anxiety,
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  • , and diarrhea may occur. State Pharmacopoeia were published, he compiled.
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    Min), was syringe (vitamin B 1 with B 6 and B 12 or vitamin microbial origin - prodigiosan. Local anesthetic effects cephalosporins, the biology, microbiology, physiology, chemistry, medicine,
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  • and other sciences, helped to solve the problems.
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    (ACE inhibitors) are more effective 46 once in day Internal rivenno (with 10 ml water drugs with a narrow spectrum of antimicrobial activity. Function of the stomach in the acute stage; in the presence of Helicobacter pylori seizures, cardiac treatment - 5 drops every 12 h, not less 5 once in day, in flow 23 days. Store and release.
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    The contents of the eD) Ifiral, Kromoglin.
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    Alcohol can cause an atrophic the use of levothyroxine sodium case of streptococcal infections in children sensitized to penicillin, Erythromycin should be used for at least.
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    Malaria, the development of a malarial coma is possible suprostilin dRUGS Selegiline (deprenyl. And

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    increase, the prophylactic agent to increase the overall resistance (resistance) used to treat patients suffering from anal fissures and hemorrhoids. Acne treatments (oral antibiotics blood pressure, since in some.
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