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Methods make it possible to obtain insulins with a high degree of purification, the purity reaches 99%.

Preparations of porcine insulin (Actrapid SM 40 U/ml ? ) act for a short time (5-8 hours), so it must be administered depending on the meal 3-5 times a day. Injections Buy Nexium (Esomeprazole) 20mg, 40mg online - Gastro Health of insulin are administered 15-20 minutes before meals, taking into account the general condition of the diabetic patient in terms of blood counts, for a long time (for life). Long-acting drugs have been created to reduce the number of daily injections.

The prolongation of the sugar-reducing action is achieved by using the protamine protein obtained from sturgeon milk, or by obtaining suspensions by adding zinc salts and changing the size of crystalline insulin.

The mechanism of action of insulin preparations completely coincides with the mechanism of action of the natural hormone. Modern insulin preparations are divided according to the duration of action (Table 23.1) into short-acting groups (4-8 hours); medium duration of action (10-19 hours); long-acting (22-28 hours) and extra-long-acting (30-36 hours). The use of drugs allows you to maintain the reaction of urine within pH values of 6.2-6.8, at which uric acid salts are in solution and do not form calculi. The drugs are produced in granules, dosed according to the pH of the urine, which is determined using indicator paper before each dose (pH should not exceed the above values).

It contains piperazine phosphate, hexamethylenetetramine, lithium and sodium salts. Lithium salts and piperazine form easily soluble complexes with urates, which are excreted in the urine. Hexamethylenetetramine (urotropine) has an antimicrobial effect. is used in courses of 30-40 days for gout, urolithiasis.

First aid measures include the rapid elimination of the drug by gastric lavage and / or the appointment of activated charcoal, followed by the restoration of water and electrolyte balance in a hospital setting. Resorptive effects (substance entering the blood) - when used Protonix - online in 20mg, (Pantoprazole) Buy Gastro Health 40mg excess of the recommended time and dose; nausea, vomiting, depression of cardiac activity, cardiac arrest. Contraindications The active substance - extract of rhizomes of cimicifuga - has an estrogen-like effect. Cimicifuga extract also has a positive effect on the neurovegetative system and reduces the level of psycho-emotional disorders in menopause.

Dilutions of 1 to 10 are called decimal, denoted by the Roman numeral X or the letter D For decrease edema glands and parapancreatitis cellulose use the method of forced diuresis (intravenous introduction 150300 ml 1520% solution mannitol, 300 ml gemodez and Further 12 ml lasix).

Contraindications on the 200 ml saline or 5% solution glucose intravenously, drip; A single dose of the drug is usually administered once a week. AT artery on 515 ml (slowly With 3050 ml iso- tonic sodium chloride solution).

Inside- 515 ml intravenously (drip with 250500 ml isotope nic glucose solution or sodium chloride) 12 times in day Intramuscular (deep) on 510 ml 23 times in day in day per fifteen min before food.

Antimicrobial drugs for systemic use Protonix online 20mg, - Health Gastro 40mg Silver (Pantoprazole) Buy nitrate (lapis) ointment, solution Analogues Dtd N. In conservative treatment, furniture is used dazol (vermox).

Tebropheni 5% 30.0 To reduce the tone of the cervix, atropine, drotaverine are used (see section Average S.

By fifty mg in the morning and in the evening per thirty minutes before food, drinking small quantity water.

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