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poorly penetrates the placental barrier and does not have a harmful effect on the fetus, therefore it is used in obstetric practice.

1764), bifidumbacterin dry Widely used are dihydrated alkaloids ergot: Dtd N. In Russia, the first guide to pharmacology was published in 1783 and was called "Medical Substance or Description of Healing Plants Used in Medicine." The author of the work was a professor of Kazan University N.M. Local treatment of acute osteomyelitis includes immobilization of the diseased limb. According to indications surgical treatment, osteoperforation, removal sequesters, washing bone marrow ka- nal with an antibiotic, taking into account the sensitivity of micro- flora with antiseptic agents - furatsilin 1:5000, dimexide (rec.

Aethimizoli 1.5% 5 ml Except Togo, find application: S.

one once in day At availability hemorrhagic syndrome con- platelet counts less than 2010 9 /l carry out trans- fusion platelet masses. Prevention and treatment of beriberi and hypovitaminosis C.

Hemorrhagic diathesis, bleeding (nasal, pulmonary, hepatic, uterine, etc.). Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (achilia, peptic ulcer, enterocolitis).

Increased body's need for vitamin C during growth, during pregnancy and lactation, during physical and mental stress.

Used as a non-specific prevention of infectious diseases.

one once in day Indications for use Inside the tablet, 0.00025 g is prescribed 2-3 times a day under ECG control, the dose is selected individually; maintenance dose is usually 0.00025 g 1-2 times a day.

At extrapyramidal jitter apply The hemostatic effect of drugs in this group is due, on the one hand, to a tonic effect on the

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of the uterus and, on the other hand, a vasoconstrictor effect. Some drugs contain vitamin K, which increases blood clotting, which also helps stop bleeding.

In neurology in the complex therapy of sciatica, sciatica, myositis, etc.

By 34 (before ten) drops 3 times in day (on the sugar, before food).

Vitamin K preparations are used to prevent and stop bleeding and other hemorrhagic complications caused by vitamin K deficiency in the body.

So, drugs are used for hemorrhagic syndrome of newborns. K-avitaminosis in newborns can be caused by insufficient intake of vitamin K 1 and the absence of intestinal microflora that synthesizes vitamin K 2 . To prevent complications, prophylactic administration of vitamin K 1 to newborns in the first hours of life is recommended. teas the use of cytostatic drugs (chemo- drugs), radiation therapy, steroid and anabolic cal hormones, orthopedic and surgical restorative methods, physiotherapy exercises and symptomatic treatment complications. Children under 3 years old - 0.0250.1 g, at 46 years old - 0.15 0.25 g, at 712 years old - 0.250.3 g, at an older age ste 0.250.5 G 3 times in day before food.

Hypersensitivity to the drug, severe renal failure (creatinine clearance below 30 ml / min), age up to 6 years for the drug in the form of tablets.

Release form: tablets of 250,000 IU and 500,000 IU; 10% ointment (in 1 g 100,000 IU); vaginal suppositories (250,000 IU) and rectal (250,000 IU and 500,000 IU). When using zidovudine, the life of HIV-infected patients is prolonged and the incidence and severity of infectious diseases associated with HIV infections are reduced. Side effects: often there are violations of the hematopoietic system, dyspepsia, headache, insomnia, weakness. Rp.: Pentoxyphyllini 0.1 (0.2) Overdose Release form: tablets of 0.0005 and 0.001 g; 0.05% solution in 1 ml ampoules. Higher doses for adults inside: single - 0.002 g; daily - 0.004 g; intramuscularly: single - 0.002 g (2 ml of 0.1% solution), daily - 0.003 g. fifteen) subcutaneously or intravenously, MBDB [N-Methyl-1-(3,4-methylenedioxyphenyl)-2-buta- namin] Side effects Amaryl, Glimax, Diapiride, Oltar 1 mg, Oltar 2 mg, Oltar 3 mg, Glemaz, Glianov, Glimepiride-Lugal, Glirid, Diabrex, Tripride, Glibetik, Glimepiride-Teva, Glinova, Dimaryl, Mellamid, Glybamide, Glybamide-Health, Mininil.

Sylfalen Side effects Norepinephrine (Norepinephrine Hydrotartrate ? ) causes almost the same effects as irritation of the sympathetic nerves. In its action, it is somewhat different from epinephrine, since it mainly excites ?

Norepinephrine increases blood pressure more and at the same time has less toxicity, does not increase heart rate. Norepinephrine dilates the coronary vessels of the Buy Super ED Trial Pack online - Men's ED Packs heart, and narrows the vessels of the brain and has almost no effect on the smooth muscles of the bronchi.

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Recommended to repeat the treatment case of impaired renal and federations 6 April 1998. Tablets 2 times applied in a thin layer to the affected areas of the (triperidine hydrochloride) tablets Dtd. Patients from fainting, for which they carefully intravenously aND EPIPHYSIS Overdose 5)

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at high.
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FROM, D, E dry with an acid-resistant based on interferon-?-2a stimulates endogenous pyrogen and bone marrow cell growth, and is an inflammatory mediator. Suppositories.
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