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Rules for writing prescriptions for drugs nye funds (Application one); BUT also analogues pentoxifylline (trentala, agapurine) (rev. After offensive remissions go over on the support- living transfusion on 300500 ml plasma daily- but With plasmapheresis through 12 days in flow 1014 days. Simultaneously appoint disaggregants acetylsalicy- fishing acid, ticklid, dipyridamole, sulfinpyrazone. Progesterone and its synthetic analogues contribute to intense hyperplasia of the endometrial glands, reduce the sensitivity of the myometrium to oxytocin, inhibit the contractile activity of online - ED Pack Buy Medium Men's the ED Packs uterus, promote the development of the placenta and stimulate alveolar proliferation in the mammary glands. Natural and synthetic gestagens are used to prevent threatened and habitual miscarriage with corpus luteum hypofunction. They are effective in dysfunctional uterine bleeding, as well as primary and secondary amenorrhea, chronic inflammation of the ovaries. As a means of replacement therapy, gestagens are prescribed for menopause and after surgical removal of the ovaries. The negative effect of gestagens is manifested by swelling of the mammary ...


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