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In the first week of treatment, apply 1 time per day; if local reactions do not occur, apply 2 times a day.

The average duration of treatment is 8-10 weeks; should not be used for more than 3 months.

In severe cases, topical application is combined with other acne treatments (oral antibiotics or retinoids). Reserpine (rausedil ) depletes the neurotransmitter in synaptic vesicles, as it disrupts the formation and deposition of norepinephrine in them. The content of norepinephrine decreases in the heart, blood vessels, adrenal medulla, central nervous system and other organs. At the same time, it has a pronounced hypotensive, sedative, weak antipsychotic effect, promotes the development of sleep.

The hypotensive effect of reserpine is partly due to a decrease in sympathetic effects on the heart, resulting in a decrease in the frequency and strength of contractions and, as a result, a decrease in cardiac output.

Reserpine is part of the antihypertensive combination drugs widely used in hypertension (Adelfan-Ezidrex ? The drug is used orally, intramuscularly, intravenously for the relief of a hypertensive crisis and in severe forms of hypertension.

Combinations of reserpine with ?-blockers, clonidine are undesirable due to the possibility of a pronounced effect on the heart and blood vessels. When using reserpine, side effects occur: bradycardia, drowsiness, general weakness, lethargy, diarrhea, nasal congestion, etc. Drugs Pharmachologic effect Additionally: Hepatoprotective drugs Diosmin (Diosmin).

Microorganisms sensitive to macrolides which you worked sustainability to penicillin, tet- racicline, chloramphenicol. Are transferred sick Ray- she, how penicillins, but fast develops stable- sensitivity of the pathogen to these drugs.

Side effects phenomena (nausea, vomit, diarrhea) at treatment macroly- women are seen relatively rarely. Contraindication with increased individual sensitivity and defeat parenchyma liver.

The toxic effect of drugs, in addition to general and local, is divided into organ-specific (neuro-, nephro-, hepato-, oto-toxicity, etc.).

With a neurotoxic effect, tissues of the nervous system (CNS and peripheral nervous system) are damaged. An example of a neurotoxic effect is the CNS-damaging effect of the local anesthetic procaine and the class I antiarrhythmic drug procainamide, which is close to it in chemical structure. With their on / in the introduction may develop dizziness, paresthesia Side effects Increased individual sensitivity to carbimazole or other components of the drug.

Already existing severe disorders of the

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