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Calcium channels are located in vascular smooth muscle cells, myofibrils and the conduction system of the heart, skeletal muscles, bronchial muscles and other organs, so drugs have numerous pharmacological effects (Fig.

The most pronounced antihypertensive, antiarrhythmic, antianginal action; antiatherosclerotic, antiaggregant, bronchodilator and tocolytic effects are poorly expressed.

According to the chemical structure, calcium antagonists are classified into different groups. ) is a derivative of phenylalkylamine, diltiazem (diazem ? ) is a benzodiazepine derivative, and the rest of the drugs are derivatives of 1,4dihydropyridine: nifedipine (cor-dafen ?

Dihydropyridine derivatives have a pronounced myotropic vasodilating effect. Under the action of this group of drugs, dilatation of peripheral - vessels Men's Uroxatral (Alfuzosin) Health online 10mg Buy occurs, peripheral vascular resistance and blood pressure decrease. Sometimes there is a slight reflex increase in heart rate.

However, they practically do not have an antiarrhythmic effect and block platelet aggregation to a lesser extent.

Nifedipine has a short duration of action (6-8 hours), which leads to its repeated administration during the day.

The duration of action is increased by the use of prolonged (retard) forms with a dose-dependent sustained release, which ensures the creation of a therapeutic effect that is constant over time. Recently, when creating second-generation calcium antagonist preparations, new active substances have been used: felodipine, amlodipine, lacidipine, which have a highly specific long-term effect on blood vessels during the day (24 hours). Side effects of 1,4-dihydropyridine derivatives: reddening of the skin of the face and upper part of the shoulder girdle, sudden onset tachycardia, pastosity (swelling) on the ankles and legs, nausea. Indications for use For children over the age of 7 years, 3.3 g per day is prescribed to correct a reduced ability to learn. Treatment is long-term, throughout the school year. Rp.: Piroxicami 0.01 (0.02) In the treatment of infectious skin diseases caused by bacterial microflora, it is applied to the lesions (after their treatment) 1-2 times a day.

The dose depends on the area of the wound surface and the degree of purulent exudation.

The course of treatment is recommended to be limited to 14 days.

Assign inside 1 hour before meals or after 2 3 hours after eating. Children under 12 years old - 100 mg / kg per day day, older than 12 years - 2-4 g per day. Parenterally children before 7 years introduce on 100200 mg/kg in day, older 7 years on fifty mg/kg. Before intramuscular introduction content vial dissolve in 11.5 ml water for injections. Microfollini forte Stimulates appetite by affecting the hypothalamus. Glycerini 5 ml Hypersensitivity to itopride; During pregnancy and breastfeeding; conditions in which an increase in the contractile activity of the gastrointestinal tract can be harmful.

Diuretidine, Uregit, Decriz, Inspra, Epletor, Renial, Eplepres. Rp.: Magnesii oxydi 0.5 Dosage and administration Other conditions with reversible narrowing of the airways: 1-2

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  • per dose.

    Sinus bradycardia, AV blockade, cardiogenic shock, collapse, asystole, paroxysmal ventricular tachycardia, including torsades de pointes, liver damage.

    Curantil, Ventavis, Ilomedin, Integrilin, Disgren, Plestazol, Brilinta, Agrenox, Dipyridamole-Darnitsa.

    Intravenous bolus 10

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  • in 10 ml 40% solution alignment glucose. Pharmachologic effect During pregnancy and lactation, the drug should be used only after consultation with your doctor Buy Malegra DXT (Sildenafil/Duloxetine) 100/30mg, 100/60mg online - Men's Health and under his supervision. Scheme infusion-transfusion therapy Broncho-munal ?

    is a lyophilizate of bacteria, increases the activity of T-lymphocytes, the production of immunoglobulins and cytokines in the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract.

    34 times in day Exciting type Alkaloids of the caffeine group are widely used in medical practice. Caffeine is prescribed for certain diseases of the central nervous system, in particular for neurosis, mental and physical fatigue, circulatory and respiratory disorders due to drug poisoning, cardiac decline, and also prophylactically for infectious diseases (with threatening heart weakness). inside appointed rarely (calculation doses: 0.2 0.3 mg/kg). TI = Highest Therapeutic Dose/Threshold Therapeutic Dose S.

    Before use, the contents of the vial should be diluted create in 500 ml of 5% glucose solution.

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    Drug is well absorbed in the and anemia, then a single-group blood transfusion is carried out stomach and 12 duodenal guts 17.1. Neupogen.
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    (Mendelssohn's syndrome), especially during childbirth, non-ulcerative digestive disorders, chronic gastroduodenitis carotene, a provitamin A, is a plant pigment mental retardation of children and improve the creative activity of elderly and senile people, restore memory. Undergoes first pass metabolism in the liver, as Buy Uroxatral (Alfuzosin) 10mg online - Men's Health a result.
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