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List narcotic funds and psychotropic substances Dtd N.

Applied in the form of sodium salt, soluble in water.

Release form: solution in vials of 5 ml with an activity of 5000, 10,000, 20,000 IU per 1 ml; heparin ointment in tubes of 25 g.

Children under 3 years old - 0.0005 0.001 G, in 46 years 0.0010.002 G, in 712 years tral anticholinergic effect, which is most often manifested in clomipramine, to a lesser extent in imipramine. The anticholinergic effect is often a side effect: vision is impaired (eye pain, blurred vision), non-rhythmic contraction of the heart becomes more frequent, muscle tremors (hands, arms, head) appear, spastic manifestations from the gastrointestinal tract, and constipation occurs. The central manifestation of the effect is associated with parkinsonian syndrome (difficulties in speaking or swallowing, tardive dyskinesia, shuffling slow gait, patients have a mask-like face, etc.).

The information on medicines given in the handbook is for guidance only and should not be used as a guide to self-medication. Only a doctor can decide on the appointment of the drug, as well as determine the doses and methods of their use.

) selectively inhibits the Buy Strattera (Atomoxetine) 10mg, 25mg, 40mg, 18mg online - General health transport systems that absorb dietary cholesterol and plant styrenes in the intestine, and reduces their absorption by 54%. The intake of cholesterol from the intestine to the liver is reduced, but its synthesis is not inhibited. The drug increases excretion Novo nordisk" (Denmark) (SOAR), cyclophosphamide, vincristine, prednisolone (CHOP), mercaptopurine, vincristine, methotrexate, prednisolone (ROMR) (rec.

Inhibits the enzyme GABA-transferase, blocks the sodium channels of neurons, increases the inhibitory activity of GABA in the brain, reduces the excitability of neurons in the epileptogenic focus. The drug is able to improve the mental state and mood of patients, reduce fear, without having a sedative and muscle relaxant effect. When it is used, undesirable effects occur: nausea, diarrhea, tremor, allergic reactions, drowsiness, anemia, etc.

Clonazepam (Antelepsin ) is a benzodiazepine derivative that has a pronounced anticonvulsant effect (18-24 hours). It has an effect in all forms of epilepsy, it is administered intravenously to relieve status epilepticus.

-receptors of the GABA-receptor complex, opening of chloride channels occurs and the sensitivity of receptors to the mediator increases, potentiation of Buy Eldepryl (Selegiline) 5mg, inhibitory 10mg online - General health processes in the central nervous system and a decrease in the excitability of neurons in the epileptogenic focus occur. The drug exhibits Buy Eldepryl anti-panic (Selegiline) 5mg, 10mg online - General health, sedative-hypnotic effect and muscle relaxant effect.

In epileptology, it is an alternative drug, as tolerance develops rapidly (in 30% of cases). The side effects of clonazepam are the same as those of all benzodiazepine drugs.

) are also used as sleeping pills; tranquilizers that help speed up the onset of sleep, diazepam (sibazon ?

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