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The fast phase is characterized by the appearance of dreams and rapid pendulum eye movements.

If the alternations and duration of the phases are disturbed, a sleep disorder develops.

Various forms of sleep disorders, including sleep disturbance, short sleep duration followed by insomnia, superficial sleep, changes in the physiological structure of sleep with a violation of the correct alternation of its phases, require the use of hypnotic drugs. Sleeping pills are called drugs used to eliminate sleep disorders. Sleeping pills are prescribed for insomnia to facilitate the act of falling asleep and ensure normal sleep, close to physiological.

Cacao 4.0 Relief measures Sprue non-tropical (European), or gluten-free enteropathy is a rare hereditary disease nie, characterized absence or reduced To understand the peculiarities of the action of means that relax the muscles, one should recall the mechanism of transmission of excitation from the nerve to the muscle.

The function of the nerve ending is to synthesize, store and release acetylcholine.

At the moment of arrival of a nerve impulse from the nerve ending through the presynaptic membrane, a portion of acetylcholine is released into the synaptic cleft, which interacts with H-cholinergic receptors on the postsynaptic membrane of the muscle fiber. At Buy the Clarinex (Desloratadine) 5mg online - Allergy moment of interaction, the electrical potential Buy Prednisolone 20mg, 40mg, 5mg, 10mg online - Allergy of the postsynaptic membrane changes - depolarization develops.

Depolarization of the synaptic region serves as a stimulus for the emergence and spread of depolarization throughout the muscle fiber, i.e. the development of excitation, which is distributed into the depth of the Buy Clarinex (Desloratadine) 5mg muscle online - Allergy and leads to its contraction. Violation of neuromuscular transmission can occur if the interaction of cholinergic receptors with the mediator is interfered with (this is how non-depolarizing or anti-depolarizing muscle relaxants act) or if the synapse is not allowed to quickly restore its original state.

The synapse "freezes" in a depolarized (hyperpolarized) state and ceases to function.

Depolarizing muscle relaxants work according to this principle. Orally during or after meals at a dose of 0.5 g 4 times a day (if necessary - up to 6 times a day). Doses for children aged 3 to 8 years - 0.25 g each, over 8 years old - 0.25-0.5 g 3 times a day. The course of treatment for diseases of the digestive tract is usually 30-40 days, in other cases the course may be shorter.

It is also possible rectal application in the form of suppositories for inflammatory bowel diseases.

Analogues Before appearing in pharmacies, a

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drug undergoes a complex and lengthy process of creation.

After the experimental stage of development associated with the search for a biologically active compound, the creation of an adequate stable dosage form, the selection of optimal dosing regimens, an experimental development of the drug and its biopharmaceutical tests are carried out. They work out production regulations and create a Pharmacopoeia article, the drug is carefully checked, standardized and controlled by the Pharmacopoeial Committee of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation. Conduct extensive pharmacological research and clinical trials organized by the Pharmacological Committee of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation, as a result of which they decide on the possibility of using it in medical practice. And only after receiving positive conclusions from the committees, it is officially registered with the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

By the time a new drug is introduced to the pharmaceutical market, it is necessary to carefully familiarize yourself with the standardized official information about it and, based on the amount of pharmacological knowledge, skillfully use new data in your professional activities to conduct advisory work on comparative analysis with a rational choice of drugs.

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