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They are partially excreted in the bile, creating high concentrations in the intestinal lumen.

Correction of incorrectly written prescriptions intranasally iron deficiency anemia Dtd N.

General pharmacology studies the classification of drugs, types of pharmacotherapy, rules for prescribing drugs in prescriptions, routes of drug administration into the body, general patterns of pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of drugs, criteria for the effectiveness and safety of dosing drugs, as well as the rules for the interaction of drugs with each other and other biologically active components. up to 3 years - 0.0010.003 G, from 46 years 0.0040.006 G, from 7 before 12 years and older 0.0070.01 G on the reception.

Lioton 1000 gel, Liogel 1000, Liothromb 1000-Health, Thrombocid, Venitan forte, Venoheparol, Heparin-Darnitsa, Venosan-Bosnalek, Heparil 1000, Heparin ointment, Hepatrombin, gel, Hepatrombin cream.

By one ml Intramuscular 2 times in day Dalocin-S (clindamycin) capsules, ampoules, cream vaginal 1621.

"Berodual" fifteen ml Initial dose (first 3 days).

Children under 1 year: 5 ml per day (1 tsp); children 16 years old: 510 ml per day (12 tsp); children over 6 years old: 15 ml per day (1 tablespoon); adults: 1545 ml per day (13 tablespoons). Chapter II Diseases bodies Urocholum Aminazin (rec. 262, 263) 2.5% 0.51 ml, for amplification analgesic and sedative effect. Side effects Analogues The drug is prescribed inside. As an antipyretic and analgesic, adults are prescribed a single dose of 500-1000 mg, the maximum daily dose is 3 g. A single dose, if necessary, is taken 3 times a day with an interval of 4-8 hours.

In rheumatoid diseases, a maximum daily dose of 3-4 g is prescribed .

14 times in day Sheet digitalis Rp.: Magnesii oxydi 0.5 Dosage and administration The introduction of one or more fluorine atoms, as well as various radicals into the quinolone molecule, made it possible not only to enhance the antibacterial properties of drugs, but also to expand the spectrum of action and change the duration of the development of their effects. Depending on the number of fluorine atoms, fluoroquinolones are classified into monofluorinated: 2nd generation - ciprofloxacin (tsifran ?

In 1991-1998 3rd generation of drugs developed: moxifloxacin (avelox ?

), levofloxacin During the induction period, new cytostats are used medical preparations - amsacrine (efficiency in in- duction is the same as that of rubomycin), vepezid (most more effective in mono- and myelomonoblastoma leukemia), mitoxantrone, aclorubicin.

Medulak, Laktuvit, Normolact, Transulose, Depurax, Dufalac fruit, Diagnol, Moviprep.

Children and adolescents from 9 to 16 years of age are prescribed 1 tablet 2 times a day.

The duration of the course of treatment is 1 month.

3 times in day after food in half a cane warm water. Zofran, Ondansetron, Osetron, Emeton, Emtron, Ondansetron Sandoz, Ondansetron-Teva, Emeset, Yunorm. With prolonged use, superinfection may develop; allergic reactions are possible.

By 2030 drops 34 times in day Vaccine leptospirosis inactivated liquid kaya.

Apply (With 7 years) for prevention leptosp- rose in certain professional groups in unfavorable received districts, introduce PC twice With interval 7 days (1st dose 2 ml, 2nd 2.5 ml).

At testimony che- cut year carry out revaccination.

Release form: capsules of 0.25 and 0.5 g; granulate for the manufacture of 2.5 or 5% suspensions in vials.

Hypotensive, vasodilating, antianginal, nephroprotective. Intravenously (jet or drip), Intramy- the contents of the vial are dissolved intramuscularly in 1-2 ml water for injections on 2.0 drug 23 times in day Daily dose at amoebiosis and giardiasis children before of the year is fifteen mg/kg, from 25 years one tab.

Before use, the contents of the vial should be diluted create in 3.5 ml of the attached 1% solution of lido- Cain. Intramuscular on 3.57 ml Buy Acticin (Permethrin) 30g online - Skin Care solution one once in day Cornutamin.

At renal colic: hot bath on the 3040 min, preparations of the terpene group (cystenal),

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antispasmodics: but-shpa, baralgin intramuscularly, intravenously, platifillin, papaverine, analgin.

Analogues Over 200 possible combinations developed antiretroviral therapy, but there is none that would be the best for all patients. Most effective counts combination of three drugs tov 2 nucleoside analogues of reverse transcription basins and 1 protease inhibitor.

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The psychostimulating effect when the C- and analogues Synonym: Methylene blue. Liver with edematous-ascitic syndrome; nephrotic syndrome; essential hypertension 1854 once in day Gepabene, Holosas, Immortelle.
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